Covid-19: How to do deep breathing exercises, how do they help, Centre answers – Hindustan Times

The Centre on Saturday underlined the importance of staying healthy amid the raging second wave of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic and suggested a deep breathing exercise which it said can help people in recovery after illness. Sharing a chart on Twitter, the government said this exercise can be done after taking steam inhalation and also without it.

Breathing exercises including those performed in yoga such as Anulom Vilom Pranayam have proven to boost the general immunity of the human body. India is currently seeing a high number of cases and deaths due to Covid-19 which has also led to scarcity of oxygen supplies. Several infected patients have died due to massive drops in their oxygen levels. Therefore, it becomes extremely crucial for the people, irrespective of whether they are infected with Covid-19, to maintain their oxygen at adequate levels.

Here are six steps by which you can perform this breathing exercise:

> Sit up in a chair.

> Keep your body relaxed.

> Breathe in slowly through your nose

> Hold in your breath.

> Release your breath slowly, keeping your mouth open.

> Do it 10 times in one go.

The government also said the above exercise should be done only in a closed room and without wearing masks. People with acute breathing problems, high temperature and chest pain are, however, advised against performing the exercise. If anyone feels dizzy or experiences palpitations while performing the breathing exercise should stop.

Apart from the above, the Union health ministry recently released guidelines for self-proning which improves breathing comfort and oxygenation. Proning is extremely beneficial in Covid patients with compromised breathing effort, especially if they are in home isolation, the ministry said adding this exercise is only needed when a patient experiences difficulty in breathing and the oxygen saturation goes below 94.

India, meanwhile, on Saturday recorded 326,098 new coronavirus disease (Covid-19) cases and 3,890 more deaths, taking the caseload and the death toll to 24,372,907 and 266,207 respectively, according to the Union health ministry’s dashboard.


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