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Dr. Pavani to be honored by the Best Emerging Block chain Enterprise Leader by Business Mint

Business Mint Market Research is a private organization that recognizes, analyzes, and optimizes value output from a particular company that partners with them in the quest for answers. Be it the launch of a new product or be it enhancing the performance of an existing product market-wise, they’re always up for it. Market research isn’t a task for the unprepared or the incompetent, and to be at the absolute top of the domain is one of the things Business Mint boasts among-st other things. A reputed organization itself took it upon itself to give credit where it’s due and started organizing these extravagant Award Ceremonies called Nationwide Awards which are India’s Largest and most coveted privately organized ceremonies.

Dr. Pavani KVVLN PhD (H.C) is being recognized for her exemplary display with the Best Emerging Enterprise Leader of the Year. This honor was long and coming given her impressive progress in the field of block-chain technology implementation. She has proved that this technology can be reliable and crucial. The Best Emerging Enterprise Leader of the Year is given to such progressive work done by visionary, ambitious people who work for the betterment of the market, economy and the country.

In addition to this, Data management in financial markets is becoming inevitable. In particular, the blockchain technology can be used to preserve and optimize business processes, as well as increase the level of protection. Blockchain technology defined as the decentralized, distributed ledger that records the provenance of a digital asset. Implementing this to modern-day businesses is a very effective solution as it brings about a certain kind of Transparency and accountability to the transactions between stakeholders. Blockchain enables cyber safe business interactions and share common data with their customers, vendors, and other stakeholders. Dr. Pavani Kadiyala, CMO at IDS Inc. has done exactly this. She, with her pioneering applications to data management and a keen eye for business enhancement, has led IDS Inc. to invariable success through the years. Dr. Pavani, having identified the importance of this application has been trying to be a catalyst in adopting blockchain technology ever since. Her role at IDS is irreplaceable, it is to understand and solve any problems the clients have by inducing technology into the business sector. Accelerating the induction of technology and data management has been Dr. Pavani’s priorities as CMO. As the chief, she helps clients identify and leverage the capabilities of blockchain technology to validate the authenticity of the data. The applications to this are boundless, whether it is to give provenance of a shipment from Manufacturer to end consumer in supply chain or can be regarding land records for easy verification by government /landlords /buyers etc. Her vision is to induct and adopt as much effective technology to whatever she pursues, emerging technology is the only way to perfection. This can be crucial in worlds- corporate and government, adopting technology through design and development visionary. Her prowess in technology, as well as the knowledge in the business-centric world, enables her to churn out the best results but overlapping and linking the two. In pursuit of this reform, she has been making continuous conscious efforts. This has led her to spearhead the Government blockchain association as its President of GBA Hyderabad Chapter. The Government Blockchain Association (GBA) is an international nonprofit professional association with its headquarters located in Fairfax, Virginia. GBA focuses on its members as individuals and organizations that are in promoting blockchain technology solutions to the government but does not advocate for any specific policy position. GBA cultivates professional workflows between technologists, public policy makers, application specialists, and those who want to learn about the new and emerging digital currencies. Furthermore, GBA acts as a catalyst in creating a public dialogue around the creative, profitable, and positive leveraging of blockchain technology. Dr. Pavani has received diverse honors and achievement awards for the same. Some of them are-International achievers’ award for excellence in blockchain management at the 12th international achievers’ summit on “Generating Global Partnerships”, Indo global award for emerging IT business analysts at the 13th international achievers’ summit on “Global Business Opportunities”.

She has also won an array of national awards. She has been crowned the best blockchain business analyst in 2019. Other laurels include felicitations from The American Telugu Association, The Mahatma Gandhi Leader Award from the NRI Welfare Association. She has also appeared as a guest of honor in various seminars and get-togethers, memorable ones include The Bharat Gourav Sandesh Awards Foundation. To top it all off, Dr. Pavani is being recognized by the prestigious nationwide awards hosted and organized by Business Mint Market Research.

She has been a key personality to many faces of the domain and has been a pioneer in India for Blockchain technology’s induction into business analytics and businesses. She will be an accomplished businesswoman and a pathfinder in terms of business enhancement.

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