Photo of man bowing down before Mumbai local train as services resumed is making people emotional – The Indian Express

Mumbai’s suburban railway system resumed its services after a 10-month closure, and an image captured what the local rail network means for the daily commuters.

The image was captured when the general public was allowed to travel by local trains during non-peak hours from Monday. The moving image showed a young man bowing down before boarding the locomotive, often described as the ‘lifeline of the city’.

The picture went viral after Twitter user, Himanshu Parmar (@Madan_Chikna), shared it on the micro-blogging site, turning many emotional.

“A click that touched my heart, a commuter worshipping Mumbai Local before boarding after 11 months,” he wrote online adding the poignant moment was clicked by a close relative.

As the image beautifully captures the sentiment of the general public, happy that the city’s lifeline got back on track, many on the platform noted only those who have lived in Mumbai would understand this.

Here’s how people reacted to the image going viral across social media sites.

The local trains in Mumbai saw a footfall of 26 lakh passengers until 6 pm on Monday – up from 17 lakh on January 29. However, it became apparent immediately as the services resumed that trying to enforce physical distancing in trains is an impossible task. Most compartments were jam-packed with up to four commuters crammed on one seat, and others standing shoulder to shoulder.

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