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Power Outage In Mumbai Becomes Fodder For Some Lit Memes On Twitter

Memes on Mumbai’s power cut have flooded social media.

There may be a power failure in Mumbai, but the memes it has inspired are lit. Large parts of India’s financial capital are facing a major power outage since around 10 AM this morning. In a tweet, Brihanmumbai Electricity Supply and Transport (BEST) attributed the powercut to “TATAs incoming electric supply failure”, writing: “The electric supply is interrupted due to TATAs incoming electric supply failure.”

Several suburban trains on the central line and the western line have been suspended, while traffic signals in some areas have stopped working too. 

The unprecedented, large-scale power outage has set the hashtag #powercut trending high on Twitter. The microblogging platform has been flooded with memes since the power supply was interrupted. Take a look:

The real winners in this whole scenario are people working from home who have been treated to an unexpected holiday on a much-dreaded Monday. 

The outage has left many Mumbaikars shocked and confused.

But as Abhishek Bachchan pointed out in his hilarious tweet, nothing is unexpected in the year 2020

Amitabh Bachchan, meanwhile, asked his followers to “keep calm”

Even Netflix joined the bandwagon of memes and jokes

As did comedian Vir Das

Meanwhile, businessman Anand Mahindra imagined the reaction of “every Mumbaikar” to the obstacle. “Mumbai is starting its week in the dark with a grid failure. But this is how every Mumbaikar reacts to any obstacle,” he wrote.

Of course, a few Among Us-inspired electricity jokes were only to be expected

#Powercut, #Mumbai and #poweroutage are just some of the hashtags that are trending on Twitter amid the power failure that has disrupted transport in Maharashtra’s capital. Adani Electricity, a major power supplier in the city, said is it “currently supplying to critical services in Mumbai”.

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