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press release: The Financial Health Academy® is a hybrid, six-week, multi-generational and family-friendly challenge to improve the overall financial health of Black families in Dane County. This initiative aims to target Black households with at least one young person between the ages of 13-21 living in the home and was designed with the specific needs of Black families in mind. The application period for consideration is April 29 to May 26.

The program will provide educational content curated around the individual needs of each cohort and provide culturally relevant learning experiences led by nationally recognized Black subject-matter experts. Each family will be challenged, inspired, and motivated to learn new information and strengthen what they already know.

Each household will set a SMARTR financial goal that can be accomplished by the end of the challenge, and at the close of the challenge, families will be awarded up to $1,000.00 to use towards achieving their financial goal.

What should your family consider before applying?

  • This is a new initiative for the Progress Center for Black Women™.  Our first cohort will serve as our pilot cohort and will be made up of 10 families from across Dane County. 
  • Families must be able to commit to a weekly 2-hr workshop and at least two hours of family-friendly activities outside of workshops to support your financial goal. Example of an activity: Say your family’s goal is to purchase a more energy-efficient appliance. Activities might include searching and comparing prices online and in-store, preparing questions to discuss in our workshops to help you narrow your choices.
  • We’re committed to meeting you where you are and encourage your honesty and openness throughout the challenge.  Remember, our pilot cohort is integral to planning for future families to take part in the Academy. You’re part of our community and we hope you’ll think of us as your extended family.
  • Finally, we want your family to know that you have the support of the extended Progress Center for Black Womencommunity of supporters, donors, educators, entrepreneurs, elected officials, creatives, and community organizers to help you during the challenge and along your family’s  journey to bettering your overall financial health.

Questions about The Financial Health Academy? Please email [email protected]

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