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Vegan Kohli eating eggs? Fans confused over diet revelation

Vegan Kohli eating eggs? Fans confused over diet revelation&  | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspInstagram

Key Highlights

  • Virat Kohli had turned vegan a few years ago due to health reasons
  • During a Q&A on Instagram, Kohli suggested that he includes eggs in his diet
  • The revelation has left fans baffled over Kohli’s claims of being ‘vegan’

It isn’t often that fans get to interact with a cricketer of the stature of Virat Kohli but these times of quarantine due to Covid-19 have given cricket lovers a number of opportunities to know their stars better. In quarantine ahead of the Indian team’s flight for the United Kingdom, Kohli organised a Q&A session on Instagram where his diet revelation left everyone confused.

In the ‘Ask Me Anything’ session, Kohli answered fans’ questions ranging from the meaning of the name of his daughter to some core cricketing topics. When a fan asked Kohli about his diet, the India captain answered: “Lots of vegetables, some eggs, 2 cups of Coffee, quinoa, lots of spinach, love dosas too. But all in controlled quantities.”

Interestingly, Kohli had earlier claimed of him turning completely vegan and hence the presence of eggs in his diet has left fans confused. His wife, Anushka Sharma, is a vegan and Kohli himself had admitted that she played a role in this dietary transformation in his life.

Other than Anushka, Kohli had also mentioned a few ‘health reasons’ behind this change during an Instagram chat with former England cricketer Kevin Pietersen.

“I had a cervical spine issue which resulted in a tingling sensation in my little finger making it difficult for me to bat. It happened around the Centurion Test in South Africa in 2018. Moreover, my stomach became a bit acidic, my uric acid went high and my stomach started pulling calcium from the bones which actually resulted in the spine issue. Hence, I had to cut down on meat and now I feel better than ever,” Kohli had said.


Kohli, as well as the other members of the Indian cricket team, are set to conclude their quarantine and fly to the United Kingdom on Wednesday (June 02). The players would need to undergo another 10-day quarantine upon their arrival in Southampton though they would be allowed to train in some capacity.

India’s first assignment on the UK tour will begin on June 18 when they take on New Zealand in the ICC World Test Championship final.

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