‘You already have plenty of Indian players’: Manjrekar bats in favour of five overseas players in IPL Playing XI – Hindustan Times

The Indian Premier League is likely to add 2 more teams for season 15 that takes place next year. IPL is one of the most famous and fiercely competitive leagues in the world and has an array of premium talent available at its disposal.

With the IPL expanding, will there be a change in rules for foreign players in the team? Currently, only four overseas players are allowed in the playing XI with some teams often benching some quality players due to the rule.

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Former India batsman Sanjay Manjrekar has given his views regarding it while speaking to ESPNcricinfo. Manjrekar has said that IPL can five foreign players in playing XI if the league expands to 10 franchises. He said that there will be enough room for Indian players to flourish with the increase in teams as 60 Indian players could take the field in IPL 2022.

“If IPL is going with 10 teams then you got to have five foreign players per side. Despite that, you will have 10 Indian players playing in the XI. They are a lot of Indian players,” he said.

“When there was no IPL, T20, or 50-over cricket, only 13-14 players in the 70s or 80s played at the highest level and that’s where you got the cream of Indian players playing,” Manjrekar added.

“You already have plenty of Indian players and it is a shame to see some quality foreign players sitting out only because they can’t play more than four. So even if we go five foreign players, plenty of Indian players will get the opportunity,” he further said.

“I don’t think it will a pressure that organisers feel that this is an Indian Premier League and got to have more and more Indian players and less foreign players. 60 is plenty,” he signed off.


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